Pre And Post Surgical Program

Pre And Post Surgical Program

Our therapist provide one-on-one, evidence based physical therapy treatment to help facilitate your recovery and return  to activity of daily living (ADL’s), work, recreational activities, and even competitive sports.

Pre-surgical treatment focuses on maximizing your full potential before surgery so that the rehabilitation after surgery is faster and has better outcomes. Muscle begin to lose mass after only a few days of disuse. Gaining the most strength and range of motion possible before surgery will help ameliorate the muscle mass lost while you are recovering from your surgery.

Post-surgical treatment requires medical specialists who are trained in rehabilitation protocols. Depending on your surgery, there will be structures that should not be stretched or strengthened for a certain period of time. Our physical therapists are up to date with post-surgical protocols to make sure you are rehabbing quickly and safely.

Wether you just had surgery, are wondering if you may need it, or are trying to avoid it altogether, we can help decrease pain and restore function with treatments designed to help you reach your goals.

We accept and participate in all private and commercial insurance, major medical, Medicare, Worker’s Compensation and Motor Vehicle Insurance. We take care of all insurance verifications, authorizations and pre-certifications for worry free visits.